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Helping to keep babies safe

Each year, a heartbreaking average of 38 children are forgotten or left unattended in a car, eventually suffering vehicular heatstroke. That's one child every 9 days!

(Source: kidsandcars.org)

Time and time again, I've been upset as I hear of yet another death of a helpless baby dying after being left in a hot car.  You hear and see this on the news, but when this happens in your own city, it really hits home. Nearly half of all children who die from vehicular heatstroke are under the age of 2, and their caretaker made a mistake that would forever change their lives.

There are many complex, expensive products available today to remind people that an infant (or even a toddler) is in the back of a vehicle - however, most new parents are living on a tight budget. After much thought of what I could do to help parents REMEMBER their young passenger, I came up with BabyNot4Got - It's a basic product to help parents REMEMBER the precious life that relies on them. My products are a simple, affordable method to help end needless infant deaths.  

Right now, products available are bright, baby powder scented car air fresheners, as well as stickers to be placed on car windows.  More products are coming in 2020!  

BabyNot4Got could be just the answer to the tragedy of senseless baby deaths - help someone REMEMBER their precious little one today!

Dave Baran

Founder of BabyNot4Got